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Hi, I’m Louise!

An experienced and inclusive yoga teacher and therapist, I offer a range of yoga options for people of all shapes and sizes. If you’re looking for yoga that is health rather than fitness oriented, you’re in the right place. Yoga with me will help you relax, calm your mind and restore your energy.

Louise smiling at camera in front of trees. She has greying dark hair and is wearing a purple raincoat

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client feedback

“I highly recommend Louise’s yoga classes and love the deep sense of peace & calm during the class, which moves gently at a lovely pace. It really seems to set you up for the week ahead, and has the effect of strengthening you both mentally and physically. Louise caters for all levels and abilities & really has a lovely teaching style & is very approachable.”

– Kim E

“Louise is very attuned to all her pupils. If you can’t manage a posture for some reason she will adapt it for you. Her voice is soothing and calming. She is considerate to everyone and generous with her time and attention. Beginners and/or people with physical limitations need have no qualms about joining her classes”

– Alison L