Yoga Class Themes

Half Louise's smiling face is visible in the foregrounds, she has short white hair and is wearing clear-framed glasses. In the background black and white Rosie dog is lying on a red, white and black blanket. Green trees and grass can be seen behind and a blue sky with light clouds

Cultivating Joy through Yoga

Connecting with Joy For July’s yoga classes, we are focusing on connecting with joy and enjoying a more easeful practice. Joy is definitely something you can cultivate, and practising it makes it easier to experience spontaneously. It’s too easy to forget about joy in our adult lives but it helps us stay connected to the …

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Louise in side plank pose with a knee on the floor, smiling at the camera

Stiff muscles and how yoga can help

People often think that bringing relief to a stiff neck and shoulders might involve lots of rolling our heads around but we do very little of that in my yoga classes. Often stiff muscles are weak muscles, so I wanted us to think about building strength in this part of the body, especially the upper back. …

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Louise on a yoga mat with arms raised in a balancing tadasana pose. Rosie, the black and white dog is curled up on a stool behind her

join my online yoga membership today

📅 With three live classes a month, you’ll join me for a yoga practice that is adapted to you. Can’t make it to the live session? No worries! The recordings will be available for the entire month. You can practice at a time that suits you best. 🌈My membership is all about inclusivity. Whether you’re …

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a red kite flying freely in the wind against a blue-grey sky

Finding freedom through yoga

The inspiration for my classes this week is kaivalya or freedom. This builds on last week’s idea of letting go. Sometimes we have to let go of something to experience greater freedom. Freedom as a goal of yoga You could say that freedom is one of the goals of a yoga practice. This might be …

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