Yoga Class Themes

Louise on a yoga mat with arms raised in a balancing tadasana pose. Rosie, the black and white dog is curled up on a stool behind her

join my online yoga membership today

📅 With three live classes a month, you’ll join me for a yoga practice that is adapted to you. Can’t make it to the live session? No worries! The recordings will be available for the entire month. You can practice at a time that suits you best. 🌈My membership is all about inclusivity. Whether you’re …

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a red kite flying freely in the wind against a blue-grey sky

Finding freedom through yoga

The inspiration for my classes this week is kaivalya or freedom. This builds on last week’s idea of letting go. Sometimes we have to let go of something to experience greater freedom. Freedom as a goal of yoga You could say that freedom is one of the goals of a yoga practice. This might be …

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