Individual Yoga and Yoga Therapy

I also offer individual sessions that are tailored to you and your needs. If you struggle to get to a group class, have needs that are too complex to be met in a group class, or simply prefer to practice daily in the comfort of your own home, these sessions are for you. Ideally you will commit to a daily home practice between meetings. This could be anything from 15-30 minutes of yoga and would usually be at the same time every day. You choose the time that suits you to make it as achievable for you as possible. I will discuss with you the best ways to help form this new and life-changing habit.

All sessions can be delivered via Zoom if you are unable to come to my yoga space in Waterville, County Kerry. These sessions are currently only available as a 3 session package for €200. Please contact me to book a free 15 minute consultation to see whether this is the right path for you.

What to expect:

Initial Session
During our initial session we will discuss your needs, your current situation, your experience of yoga so far (none necessary) and what you hope to get from an individual practice. I will ask you to go through a range of movements to help me see how you are and what you need. We will go through your individual yoga practice together to ensure you’re happy with it and understand what you’re doing. Before you leave I will give you a written copy of your unique practice so you can practice at home. The sessions cost €80 and last about 80 minutes.

Follow up Sessions
Follow up sessions cost €60 and will help you develop your yoga practice as you improve. We will review your response to the practice so far and discuss how you’ve found it. Based on your response I will help you build on what you’ve already achieved with a new plan to take home.  these take place a week or 2 apart, but as you become more confident with your practice you may wish to meet less frequently.


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