Bonuses Autumn Term 2022

Relaxation session – run time 27 minutes

This starts seated with a little gentle movement and breathing practice then we have a lengthy savasana to leave you feeling very relaxed. Have plenty of blankets and cushions to make yourself as comfortable as possible. You deserve this!

Earth Salutes

This first video has more instuction if you’d like to start from the beginning with this grounding sequence of Earth Salutes. Run time about 12 minutes.

If you just want to run through the Earth Salutes a few times with minimum instruction, this next 5 minute video is for you|!

Warrior 2 Sequence – 15 minutes, use a mat if you wish to rest on the floor afterwards.

This video starts straight in with feet in position for Warrior 2 and finishes with a transition to extended child on the mat.

If you’d like to warm up, I suggest some arm raises and then flowing triangle before you start the video.

At the end, you could stay in child’s pose to rest or come into savasana for a few minutes.