Yoga for Healthy Backs – Recording available to do in your own time

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Louise in side plank pose with a knee on the floor, smiling at the cameraI’m so excited to offer this workshop as Lower Back Pain was the number one reason why I started yoga and it’s worked! Since beginning to practice yoga:

  • I very rarely have back pain and feel so much stronger.
  • I have the confidence to lift boxes/pets/small children and to work in the garden without suffering pain afterwards.
  • My posture is better despite years working at a computer in an office

Many of my students says yoga has helped reduce their back pain too. Maybe it’s already helped you and you’d like to keep improving.

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Included in this special workshop is:

  • a short, gentle sequence designed to ease out your lower back when it’s sore and feeling seized up
  • back strengthening work that will help prevent lower back pain in the future
  • a relaxation session and simple breathing exercises.
  • the recording of the whole workshop, which will be available until the end of the month.
  • a video of a short, gentle sequence for back pain relief which you’ll have access to for as long as I have a website!

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to reduce back pain and feel better and stronger.

This workshop is NOT for you if:

  • you’re currently experiencing acute back pain
  • you like to do headstands in every yoga class
  • you’ve been advised not to do yoga, for any reason.

This workshop IS for you if:

  • you’re ready to work on strengthening your back to reduce those niggles and twinges in your lower back
  • you want to move freely and confidently without fear of back pain returning
  • even if you’ve never done yoga before.

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