Yoga for Yoga

I’ve been doing a lot of research in the past year, looking into the ways yoga can help with various health issues: from sleep problems, to long covid to anxiety. It’s been fascinating and regular yoga practice has an awful lot to offer anyone dealing with those issues. However, I had one of those moments recently where I thought, how about just Yoga for Yoga?

Louise in warrior pose wearing a yellow t-shirt, jean and blue wellies in a field with a blue sky behind.



Just doing yoga, in my garden.


My own teachers in the UK (Ranju and Dave at Sadhana Mala) are both continuing to offer their classes online and it is truly wonderful to practice with them. The tradition I’m trained in focuses on developing an individual practice, which lends itself well to yoga therapy. However, their classes are so enjoyable and uplifting because they are delivered by teachers that have spent decades ‘simply’ practicing and teaching yoga. It’s a yoga that facilitates the journey inwards, which has been something of a theme for my online classes in September.

Nina Simone wearing a colourful head wrap singing into a microphone
Nina Simone by David Redfern


Which just makes you feel good, dammit! Enter Nina Simone, incredible woman with a voice to match and a feel good song“Feeling Good”




If you’re feeling tired and discombobulated as we move into post-pandemic life, don’t underestimate the power of switching off for an hour every week and just doing yoga. Let me guide you on a relaxing and gently energising journey inwards; while you take an hour off deciding what to do, and how to feel and how to be in the world.

Find out more about my online classes here and remember you get 4 live classes a month for just €25 if you sign up before Friday 1st October**. This subscription includes:

  • a monthly bonus recording,
  • generous discounts on my workshops and
  • live classes with an experienced teacher who cares about you and your yoga journey.

Here’s some things people say about my online classes:

“Louise takes us from the distractions of life to a place of calm, warmth and appreciation. Louise makes me realise the benefit and essential worth of Yoga for life. All with humour and understanding, giving mental and physical ease and wellbeing”.

“It’s nice to focus on something positive for an hour in the day and take a break from everything else. I spend a lot of the day sitting at the computer so get quite stiff and it helps to stretch everything out, it also relieves stress and I feel more relaxed afterwards.”

“Louise is a gorgeous teacher. I love her soft and soothing voice. Her instructions are always clear so you really know what you’re doing, and can lose yourself in your practice without thinking too much. I would definitely recommend Louise’s classes to anyone!”

Remember to sign up today or tomorrow to get best value access to a weekly hour of yoga that is positive and calming for you.

Me again! Teaching yoga online.

**If you subscribe to my online classes by the 1st October, you’ll continue paying just €25 a month for as long as you remain subscribed. Anyone subscribing after Friday will be paying €35 a month.