Recipes for my vegan & gluten-free treats for July’s Yoga Workshop

Here are links to the recipes for the vegan and gluten free treats I made for July’s Restorative Yoga Workshop. Some more successful than others! I’ve shared my tips and changes and I hope you enjoy having a go at them.


Mini chocolate brownies

printout of the vegan and gluten free chocolate cake recipe, crumpled and stainedAs you can see from the photo, I’ve made this one quite a lot. How good is it to eat a gooey, sweet, chocolatey cake and it’s got flipping BLACK BEANS in it? It’s also really easy to make, especially if you sub the sunflower seeds for ground almonds. One less step between me and chocolate cake = win. I usually have it with fresh berries and some coconut yoghurt to cut through the richness. This time I made it in a square tin and cut it into small squares.

Flourless Black Bean Chocolate Cake

Oaty peanut butter bites

It’s really handy to have these vegan and gluten free bites in the freezer for a sweet but nutritious treat whenever I want one. I’ve made them a few times now but felt they were lacking a bit. I used proper Canadian maple syrup this time, so that added a lovely delicate floral aroma, as well as sweetness. I also pressed a couple of defrosting blackberries into the centre of each ball as I made them (top tip: oil your hands before doing this messy bit). I think these were my best yet.


Strawberry muffins

vegan and gluten free strawberry muffins fresh out of the ovenMy first attempt at these so I followed the recipe faithfully (except for using GF flour) but the batter seemed way too runny and they needed a lot more time in the oven than suggested. Some of them still weren’t cooked after an extra 20 minutes! They were so tasty tho.

So I’m going to experiment more, I think for a first step I’m going to add the milk very gradually or maybe not at all. I don’t know if using the metric measurements put the recipe out of whack….Let me know if you try them and have more success than me 🙂