5 easy yoga practices to naturally boost your mood

Recently my students have been asking whether there were any yoga poses to help them boost their mood naturally. There are definitely some poses that are more uplifting energetically and I share some movements below that I hope many people will find easy to do. There are also some breathing practices that can help, so I’ve included a couple of those too. Finally I share … Continue reading 5 easy yoga practices to naturally boost your mood »

Yoga for Yoga

I’ve been doing a lot of research in the past year, looking into the ways yoga can help with various health issues: from sleep problems, to long covid to anxiety. It’s been fascinating and regular yoga practice has an awful lot to offer anyone dealing with those issues. However, I had one of those moments recently where I thought, how about just Yoga for Yoga? … Continue reading Yoga for Yoga »

New Term, New Yoga Classes

I’m just listening to the most beautiful podcast from Tara Brach. She’s a fab meditation teacher, maybe you’ve already come across her? This talk is about imperfections in nature and in ourselves, and how we respond to them to increase/reduce our own suffering. There’s an anonymous saying…”Who is unhappy? The one who finds fault.” It’s so true isn’t it? It’s not easy to change a … Continue reading New Term, New Yoga Classes »

Yoga for Beginners Course

From Wednesday May 5th, I’m delighted to offer a low-cost, 4 week ‘Introduction to Yoga‘ course online. I’ll be going through the basics of yoga for anyone who’s interested in learning how to relax and de-stress, while improving strength and flexibility. As the course is offered in partnership with Kerry Recreation and Sports, the cost is only €10 for the whole course. Book now to … Continue reading Yoga for Beginners Course »

Yoga Outdoors – hints and tips to get the most out of it

People doing yoga outside in Waterville

Being outdoors when you practice yoga has a lot of charms: gentle breeze in your hair, warm sun on your face, feeling at one with nature. However there are a few distractions from wildly varying temperatures to curious passers-by and damp seeping slowly through your mat. Now, obviously I’m talking about yoga outdoors in the SW of Ireland. I’m sure practicing yoga in Indonesia has … Continue reading Yoga Outdoors – hints and tips to get the most out of it »