New Term, New Yoga Classes

I’m just listening to the most beautiful podcast from Tara Brach. She’s a fab meditation teacher, maybe you’ve already come across her? This talk is about imperfections in nature and in ourselves, and how we respond to them to increase/reduce our own suffering. There’s an anonymous saying…”Who is unhappy? The one who finds fault.” It’s so true isn’t it? It’s not easy to change a … Continue reading New Term, New Yoga Classes »

Yoga for Beginners Course

From Wednesday May 5th, I’m delighted to offer a low-cost, 4 week ‘Introduction to Yoga‘ course online. I’ll be going through the basics of yoga for anyone who’s interested in learning how to relax and de-stress, while improving strength and flexibility. As the course is offered in partnership with Kerry Recreation and Sports, the cost is only €10 for the whole course. Book now to … Continue reading Yoga for Beginners Course »

Yoga Outdoors – hints and tips to get the most out of it

People doing yoga outside in Waterville

Being outdoors when you practice yoga has a lot of charms: gentle breeze in your hair, warm sun on your face, feeling at one with nature. However there are a few distractions from wildly varying temperatures to curious passers-by and damp seeping slowly through your mat. Now, obviously I’m talking about yoga outdoors in the SW of Ireland. I’m sure practicing yoga in Indonesia has … Continue reading Yoga Outdoors – hints and tips to get the most out of it »