class diary gently activating some spring energy

Exercising the nervous system

The postures we’ve been working on this month gently activate the nervous system. They give us a bit of a lift. I hope that feels nice at a time of year that can feel a bit ‘meh’ weather wise. Because outside, we can see Nature is responding to increasing warmth & light by pushing up green shoots and forming new buds on trees. The energy is definitely rising out there.

As I’m needing to do a lot less at the moment, it’s been interesting keeping the yoga very low energy for me, while guiding others through a more invigorating practice. I hope everyone felt they could take what their body and nervous system needed. Could you feel the difference between working on Warrior 2 for instance, compared to doing a movement from cat into child’s pose with the Bhramari (humming bee) breath? I’d love to know how you found it if you give it a go.

I’m sending out bonus recordings to my online members this week. I’m thinking of 2 short ones to illustrate more clearly how we can impact the nervous system ourselves when needed. The invigorating one will probably be an extract from one of this month’s classes & I’ll do one that’s super soothing too (my favourite kind1). By working in both ways regularly, we can increase our resilience and ability to adapt to differing levels of stress in our lives.