Types of Yoga

Spring blooms in a window against a blue sky with a few white wispy clouds.

Hello spring equinox

Anyone else feel five million times happier and more productive on a sunny day in early Spring?? Everything seems wonderful on a day like this & I wonder how I can hold onto this feeling. The truth is, we can’t, can we? But I’m slowly learning that I can change how I feel without depending …

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Louise yoga teacher sat on a blue mat smiling at the camera. She's stroking a small, v cute black and white dog

How can i sit comfortably in yoga?

Oh gosh, we’ve all been there! Unless you grew up in a culture where you regularly sit on the floor, you will NOT be comfortable sat on your mat in a yoga class. So, what do you do? Sit on a chair if that’s possible! I’m only half joking. There aren’t always chairs available in …

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Louise standing on one leg with the other crossed over in eagle pos. Her arms are outstretched and she's smiling. She's standing on a green yoga mat and Rosie the small black and white dog is sleeping on a blanket on the sofa next to her.

class diary gently activating some spring energy

Exercising the nervous system The postures we’ve been working on this month gently activate the nervous system. They give us a bit of a lift. I hope that feels nice at a time of year that can feel a bit ‘meh’ weather wise. Because outside, we can see Nature is responding to increasing warmth & light …

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rainbow over hills with grey skies and sunlit clouds.

february yoga class diary

Creating Space with the Breath A low energy time for me as the stresses of the past few weeks caught up with me, boo! I missed (ignored!) the warning signs my body and brain were sending and it suddenly hit me when I went to rest yesterday afternoon. I was exhausted and in pain and …

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Restorative yoga & live cello workshop

My next workshop takes place on Sunday, May 26th at 4pm. In May, nature is at full throttle, her sounds and scents filling the air. But we don’t always feel quite the same! Let me help you access rest and gently recover your energy with a special 2 hour workshop. If the weather is good, …

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why practice gratitude?

It’s something you hear all the time isn’t it? Start a gratitude journal, practice gratitude every day, blah blah blah. But why should we practice gratitude? And HOW do we do that? In my experience, this gratitude stuff really works. It’s not a sudden dramatic thing, but gradually, as I’ve looked for something to be …

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What is Restorative Yoga?

Restorative yoga is a powerful practice that supports the body’s natural healing processes. By using props such as blankets, bolsters, and blocks, you are able to find a comfortable and supportive position for each pose, enabling you to hold each posture for longer periods of time. This allows your body to fully relax, release tension, …

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Looking after your mental health in challenging times

How are you? I hope you’re looking after your mental health at the moment. It’s tough to stay grounded and compassionate when the news is full of war. Our nervous systems have barely had a chance to recover from the panic and anxiety of the pandemic when we’re being activated again. The stress hangs around …

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5 easy yoga practices to naturally boost your mood

Recently my students have been asking whether there were any yoga poses to help them boost their mood naturally. There are definitely some poses that are more uplifting energetically and I share some movements below that I hope many people will find easy to do. There are also some breathing practices that can help, so …

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