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New Term, New Yoga Classes

I’m just listening to the most beautiful podcast from Tara Brach. She’s a fab meditation teacher, maybe you’ve already come across her? This talk is about imperfections in nature and in ourselves, and how we respond to them to increase/reduce our own suffering. There’s an anonymous saying…”Who is unhappy? The one who finds fault.” It’s …

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a red kite flying freely in the wind against a blue-grey sky

Finding freedom through yoga

The inspiration for my classes this week is kaivalya or freedom. This builds on last week’s idea of letting go. Sometimes we have to let go of something to experience greater freedom. Freedom as a goal of yoga You could say that freedom is one of the goals of a yoga practice. This might be …

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Can you do yoga when pregnant?

I’m afraid this is a ‘It depends’ answer for general classes. Unless you’re going to a Pregnancy Yoga class, it is better to play it safe during your first trimester and not attend class. This is especially true for people who’ve done no yoga before. Of course there are plenty of people who do yoga …

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Yoga for Beginners Course

From Wednesday May 5th, I’m delighted to offer a low-cost, 4 week ‘Introduction to Yoga‘ course online. I’ll be going through the basics of yoga for anyone who’s interested in learning how to relax and de-stress, while improving strength and flexibility. As the course is offered in partnership with Kerry Recreation and Sports, the cost …

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4 older people doing a standing yoga pose with arms outstretched. The woman at the front has white hair and is smiling.

Am I too unfit to do yoga?

Definitely not, is the short answer 🙂 Really, we yoga teachers are here to help you get fit. As it’s a low impact exercise that improves motivation and mood, it’s an ideal way to get started on improving your fitness . Many people find it’s good for getting back to exercise after an injury or …

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The teacher demonstrating modified side plank pose

Getting the most out of online Yoga classes

Join me from the comfort and privacy of your home for a weekly online class every Tuesday at 6pm. This is a gentle and accessible style of yoga that anyone can do, even if you’re new to yoga or feeling a bit out of shape. Once you’ve booked onto the online class, I’ll send you …

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Yoga Outdoors in kerry and what to expect.

Next class : 10.30am – Monday 25th September – Derrynane Beach, Caherdaniel Click here for details and booking Being outdoors when you practice yoga has a lot of charms: the gentle breeze in your hair, warm sun on your face, feeling at one with nature. However there are a few distractions when your yoga …

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The Caring Breath Video

Here’s a soothing breathing practice to try any time you feel sad, anxious or overwhelmed. Just find a quiet space and away you go.

Yoga to boost the immune system

The main way in which yoga boosts the immune system is in calming the central nervous system and allowing the body to get on with it’s own healing. So all the ways in which a yoga practice undoes the stress response will also boost the immune system. This includes things like slow movements, deep breathing …

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Several people in downward facing dog post on the grass

Looking after your wrists in yoga class

Why take weight on our hands at all? It’s often a shock when you get sent into your first downward dog in yoga class. Lift my hips up where?! Take how much weight onto my hands?! We are an upright species after all and have evolved large, strong muscles in our hips and thighs to …

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