Boost Motivation and Focus with Yoga

Zero Motivation and Minimum Focus

In theory, this is a busy time of year for yoga teachers. All those people wanting to take time for their health and wellbeing, and all ready to join yoga classes. And me? Staying up late and snoozing on the sofa, reading novels, doing puzzles. Zero motivation and minimum focus.

I have not been ready for the new year at all, how about you? Are you lacking in motivation and focus too? Allergic to new year’s resolutions and feeling like you’re not making any progress on your goals? I have felt shame at feeling out of sorts when I have so much privilege: a January holiday in the sun, a job as a yoga teacher, a low stress life. It’s really difficult to admit that but I hope that by sharing I help others acknowledge what’s happening for them too.

How Yoga Helps Boost Motivation and Focus

Eventually I remembered, I’m a yoga therapist! I know how to help with this! The work I’ve done on yoga to boost energy, boost mood and to regulate the nervous system, will also help with motivation, focus and concentration. I thought about the ways yoga could help and shared it on Instagram. Stress reduction, boosting helpful neurochemicals and practicing paying attention are all things I can do for myself, and share with others in my yoga classes.

Starting by experimenting on myself, I went back to basics and set a low, comfortable bar. I have a favourite chair, next to the radiator and an east facing window, that doggy sometimes lets me sit on. My practice was to sit on it every morning and do a breathing exercise for a few minutes. Dear reader, I started a few days ago and already feel better!

Black and white dog curled up asleep on a grey chair next to a radiator and a window
Rosie hogging the yoga chair
Boost YOUR Motivation and Focus through Yoga

This is the first time I’ve sat at my desk in weeks, I’m feeling inspired to help others by sharing these tips and practices, and I’m so motivated to dive deep on this topic.  It feels great to have my mojo back! If this is something you’d like help with, why not sign up to my online classes?

We start a new block Tuesday February 7th 6.30pm, or Thursday February 9th 10am.

4 live classes a month only cost €35 and you get the recording afterwards in case you miss a class. I also share video and audio bonuses, and am available to answer questions at the end of every class.

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