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The Caring Breath Video

Here’s a soothing breathing practice to try any time you feel sad, anxious or overwhelmed. Just find a quiet space and away you go.

Yoga to boost the immune system

The main way in which yoga boosts the immune system is in calming the central nervous system and allowing the body to get on with it’s own healing. So all the ways in which a yoga practice undoes the stress response will also boost the immune system. This includes things like slow movements, deep breathing …

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Several people in downward facing dog post on the grass

Looking after your wrists in yoga class

Why take weight on our hands at all? It’s often a shock when you get sent into your first downward dog in yoga class. Lift my hips up where?! Take how much weight onto my hands?! We are an upright species after all and have evolved large, strong muscles in our hips and thighs to …

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How Can I Feel Gratitude?

Why is it difficult to feel gratitude? Gratitude is something that we’re often told we should feel more of to feel happier but it’s not as easy as all that. Nothing is when it comes to changing the habits of our brains. We have evolved to ruminate on the negative and be prepared for the …

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The teacher demonstrating modified side plank pose

Getting the most out of a group yoga class

You finally find a yoga class in the right place at the right time with the right yoga teacher, and hurray! You have found the perfect yoga class for you. However, in most group classes there will be a range of people with different needs and different bodies so it’s worth thinking about how to …

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What is Pranayama?

Pranayama is a kind of breathing exercise that we do in a sitting position in yoga classes. Not all classes include pranayama but there is almost always a short session towards the end of my classes. We sit comfortably for about 5-10 minutes counting the breath and manipulating the length of the inhale or the …

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What do I need to bring and wear to yoga class?

Like many teachers, I will always bring some spare yoga mats and blocks to class so if you don’t have one yet, you can always borrow one of these. Once people start coming regularly to class, they often prefer to get their own and they are not that expensive. I recommend wearing layers of clothing …

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