Getting the most out of online Yoga classes

Join me from the comfort and privacy of your home for a weekly online class every Tuesday at 6pm. This is a gentle and accessible style of yoga that anyone can do, even if you’re new to yoga or feeling a bit out of shape.

Once you’ve booked onto the online class, I’ll send you a link to join the class. I use Zoom which is free to join, although you do have to download the app and submit an email address.

Before joining a class I have a few suggestions to ensure you get the most out of it. Mostly these are around minimising distractions for you. You absolutely deserve this 1 hour for some self care so please, don’t hesitate to make yourself unavailable for just 1 hour a week.

*Turn your phone to ‘do not disturb’ or airplane mode. Check it’s fully charged or plug it in.
*Tell family members and other residents that you need to be undisturbed for the next hour. They may take a while to get used to it but they will get there! As for pets I must admit I allow my dog Rosie in, she’s really cute! She (mostly) knows that when I’m on my mat I’m unlikely to pay her much attention. You may be surprised by how much your pet enjoys the calm of a yoga practice.
*If possible set your device in landscape orientation facing the long side of your mat. As in real life, my only aim in watching you is to learn how I can better teach you. I might suggest modifying a posture but I’m more likely to spend time in future classes working on things I see people struggling with. If you don’t want other participants to see you, it is possible to change your settings so only I can see you.
*The rest of the advice is just the usual yoga class preparation. That is have your mat, a blanket and a cushion ready, wear comfortable clothes and try not to eat for at least one hour before class.

I will open the class 10 minutes before we start so you have the chance to say hello and settle in. I’m also happy to answer any questions you have before class starts, just pop them into the comments below or get in touch via the contact form or Facebook.

And finally, you may find yourself thinking my house is too messy, I’m not in the right mood for yoga or my body is not in the right mood! However your mat is always there for you, your breath is always there for you. Just step on your mat, breath and see where the practice of yoga can take you. It has always taken me to a better space. I hope it will do the same for you.

A black and white dog asleep on her owner’s leg. Rosie the dog – being cute