What do I need to bring and wear to yoga class?

Like many teachers, I will always bring some spare yoga mats and blocks to class so if you don’t have one yet, you can always borrow one of these. Once people start coming regularly to class, they often prefer to get their own and they are not that expensive.

I recommend wearing layers of clothing as we can get quite warm during the more active parts of the class then cool rapidly (especially in the Winter!) once we get to the slower and more relaxing part of the class. You may like to bring a light shawl or blanket to place over you or under your head when lying down to relax.

We usually practice barefoot so be prepared for that. If it’s particularly cold, we may leave our socks on for part of the class but it’s easy to start slipping in certain postures so it’s best to take them off.

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  1. Dear Louise,
    Do you have any spaces in your Friday morning class after Easter, please? I am currently in a class (since Sept 2015) which shortly ends as the teacher is moving away. I am a beginner (I did attend classes many years ago)
    Many thanks,

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